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Bootstrap is a front-end toolkit open sourced by Twitter which provides flexible HTML, CSS, and JavaScript-based design templates, a variety of UI components and interactions for building a beautiful website.

Developing a Web UI looks easy; however, so many developers encounter a number of difficulties when trying to develop it. Different from general UI development which requires a single client environment, Web UI development requires Cross Browsing that satisfies compatibility among a variety of browser environments. There are five browsers that are mainly used in PCs – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera – and additional work is necessary depending on the version and the operating system. In addition, we need to consider the current mobile environment that has a variety of screen sizes, such as smartphone and tablet PC, and the browsers specialized for each device type.It includes HTML and CSS templates of design for typography, web forms, buttons, labels, navigation units, and other web interface components, including JavaScript extensions.

These various and complex browser environments make it difficult to process Cross Browsing for the small- and mid-size Web sites. Bootstrap is the front-end toolkit from Twitter which tries to clear this difficulty and provide a start point that allows developers to quickly and easily implement a flexible web site.


  • A fluid grid layout
  • Responsive design
  • Custom form elements
  • Typography
  • JavaScript interaction
  • Cross-browser compatibility
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