Servers Global

Servers Global

We help our clients avoid capital expenses and grow their businesses faster. Our market unique offering allows you rent any type of equipment including servers, switches, routers and the like across multiple locations instead of buying it. We help you convert your CAPEX into OPEX and grow faster. At the same time, with rented equipment you must to maintain it, which might be not trivial task when operating at a global scale. We stick to our principle of flexibility and our approach is vendor agnostic.

And want to help you be fast too. We help our clients move fast and expand infrastructure globally as needed without prolonged negotiations with individual service providers, complicated contracting procedures, and complexity of global logistics. With us you will be able to focus on growing and expanding your core business and underlying IT infrastructure will never be a constraint for you.

Servers.Global has been an incredible resource to help us expand in eight countries and thirteen cities. Their unparalleled professionalism and dedication have allowed us to expand rapidly and flawlessly.


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