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TimeCloud is the consequence of a few industry experts from various parts of the administration business working together to build up a framework for productive staffing arranging. The objective was to make the least demanding and most easy to use devices for little and medium-sized organizations crosswise over enterprises. Our mantra is “straightforwardness", which mirrors everything we do. From plan and usability, to proficient activity of the organization. Step by step instructions to get a straightforward and reasonable answer for suit your necessities

How to work

Ease to Register
Three easy steps before you're ready to use TimeCloud. Include a run of the mill week and your representatives so you're prepared to spare significant time for your business.
With our progressive programmed move scheduler, you get up the entire month's work day design with a solitary keystroke.
Sharing schedule
With only one key press, you can impart the timetable to your representatives. They will get the email voucher despite, having the capacity to see the refreshed program without anyone else login.
Full control
With TimeCloud you have full control of what's occurring in your business. Get move moves and occasion asks for directly into TimeCloud. When you affirm a demand, it passes specifically into the list.


Who is TimeCloud?
TimeCloud has clients from everywhere throughout the nation in a wide range of businesses and a wide range of sizes. Everything from the independent neighborhood booth on the corner to bigger lodging groupings with numerous areas. Do you have workers? At that point you can utilize TimeCloud.

Simple setup
You set up TimeCloud yourself with four basic steps. Include work writes and offices when you require individuals at work and representatives. No heavy executions and courses, simply total the three stages and you have set up your own work day arranging framework.

Auto Schedule
Contact “Auto Schedule" and TimeCloud does the activity for you. You will get an entire timetable for the entire month, which considers your staffing needs, your worker's working time understandings and capabilities while helping you to agree to the Working Environment Act basically. You can even take the gatekeepers around where you need and effortlessly put watches on the “swap" so workers can pick the watchmen themselves.

Publish the schedule
When you publish the schedule, it is available to all your employees. Thus, they always have access to the updated shift plan, with all the changes taking place along the way. Our customers find that employees get to work whenever they can, without being able to blame for an older version of the shift plan.

Change of guards
The staff can even swap guard in between. As a manager, you get a notice of the transaction and you decide whether to approve it. All changes go right into the updated schedule so you and your employees always know who's going to work.

Employees may apply for vacations that you approve or reject. If you approve the holidays, these ports will enter the planner so you always see who is available.

Always available, always updated
TimeCloud is an online-based system that lets you use the system wherever you want, whether it's on a desktop PC. Any changes that take place in the schedule will always be updated so you have full overview at any time.

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